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DJ Wat Else
DJ Wat Else
DJ Wat Else

DJ Wat Else is a DJ and electronic music producer from NY. Wat Else grew up listening to 90’s House, R&B, Reggae, and Hip-Hop. As he first began to discover his love for music and began to research the entire craft and true art-form of becoming a DJ and specializing in the hip-hop in the late 90's and Y2K Era. Yet soon after he enlisted into the US Navy, his passion evolved into pursuing a DJ career as a part of a multi-genre platform. Having the opportunity to travel throughout the Caribbean and network with DJs and experience reggae music at a young age, also traveling parts of Europe to learn different aspects of DJ'ing in the Dance & Electronic Music Scene, he pursued a goal of becoming an open format DJ.


Upon honorably completing his service, it was time to come back home and continue with his career. The past decade Wat Else has been DJ’ing for Bar’s & Clubs in various locations of New York. In 2011 he was appointed the first Mix Show DJ for 90.7 FM in Upstate, NY.  He has also appeared as a guest mixer for Hot 99.1 FM, and Pitbull's Pitbull's Globalization on Sirius XM Radio. 


In 2013 with his skills and knowledge of music at an all-time high, he took his career to another platform where he started producing electronic music. Today you can find Wat Else’s Original Releases and Remixes posted among today’s major record pools such as DJ City, Franchise, BPM Supreme, ClubKillers, Latenight Record Pool among many others. Wat Else still continues to push himself harder in the DJ scene and production by cooking up some of the craziest cuts and innovative beats to assemble brand new music for the future.

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